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Ready Made Boduke Bonnet Sky Blue Pony

Ready Made Boduke Bonnet Sky Blue Pony


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Pony size, pattern option 2, Sky Blue 510, one-off pearl and bicone diamanté with navy and sea blue piping.


Boduke ear bonnets are handcrafted in Central Victoria. Made using 100% cotton, the ears are lined with pure wool felt. The natural materials create great comfort for your horse, protecting them from the cold in winter whilst remaining breathable throughout the hotter summer months.


Designed to increase concentration and relaxation by softening sound, they also keep annoying flies and insects out of your horse’s sensitive ears. Boduke ear bonnets can be worn under all types of bridles and can be used for all disciplines.

  • Boduke ear bonnets should be handled with care. Please hand wash only. Do not bleach. Medium iron. Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry.

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